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Recent Projects
We are proud to present a sampling of the services that we have provided to our clients. We confidently believe that our past successes on projects of all sizes, has uniquely positioned us to help make your next project a win-win scenario as well. If you have any questions regarding the work performed, the services we offer, or if we can help you on your next venture in residential or commercial development please contact our office. Thank you.

South Edge POD 1-4
Henderson, Nevada

The staff of RCI Engineering 
provided a full range of planning, mapping and engineering services for this single family residential community located in the Master Planned Community of Inspirada (a.k.a. South Edge).  The project consisted of 422 lots on 61.5 acres and included an integrated assortment of five different housing types that ranged from attached townhouses with alley loaded garages to estate style homes with typical street loaded garages. 
During the planning stages of this project, the staff of RCI worked closely with the client and the city.  This was necessary to create a site plan that incorporated a previously designed and approved portion of this project which included 68 lots and the associated streets and alleys.  The site plan was then developed into a Tentative Map and processed for approval.
The engineering services that the staff of RCI provided included the preparation of a drainage study, a water system analysis and full improvement plans.  The drainage study analyzed and directed the storm water flows into two existing storm drain stubs.  The flows were collected by separate drop inlet systems at critical locations in the project.  The water system analysis was designed to utilize a temporary water source while the reservoir for this project was under construction.  The water and sewer systems were designed to minimize the locations of utility mains in the alleys for the on-site improvements.  This was necessary to avoid utility conflicts in the relatively narrow alleys.  Due to the overall size of the project, the improvement plans and associated final maps were split into five separate sets of documents to allow the developer to phase the costs associated with the development of this project.

JDV Ponderosa/Procyon Distribution Center
Clark County, Nevada

RCI Engineering provided civil design services for the JDV Ponderosa/Procyon Distribution Center.  This facility consists of a single 125,000 square foot building with 24 loading docks and associated parking and landscape areas.  The 5.74 acre site was an infill project with development existing on all sides.  This condition created design challenges which were addressed through a creative grading scheme which was derived through collaboration between RCI the project Owner and the Architect. Specific services provided consisted of a technical drainage study which included researching existing studies, data collection, preparing hydraulic and hydrologic calculations to establish existing and developed conditions, and site hydraulics storm drain system design and analysis.  Other services provided included traffic mitigation and final construction drawings which included site grading and drainage plan, water and sewer plan, and a site plan/horizontal control plan. 

Moapa 80 Access Road
Clark County, Nevada

RCI provided civil engineering and surveying services for this 1.8 mile access road.  Specific services provided for this project included planning, topography, technical drainage study, traffic mitigation, improvement plans and legal descriptions/exhibits.  The access road was designed to provide legal access to two 80 acre parcels, one of which was being considered by the federal government as a potential prison location.  The parcels were landlocked and due to the timing of the prison selection process, the project was fast tracked.  The access road crossed over several parcels which included privately and publicly held land, including the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and a connection into State Route 168.  Several exhibits were provided by RCI to aid in the expedited BLM right-of-way grant process.  During the planning process for this roadway, care was taken to select the optimal roadway alignment.  Factors in this selection included the challenging topography, an archeologically sensitive area that was adjacent to the subject property, and existing well incised drainage discharge locations.  The technical drainage study included a HEC-RAS analysis which was prepared to ensure that the construction of the access road would not negatively impact the downstream Union Pacific Railroad culvert crossing or the adjacent upstream properties which included BLM and the Clark County School District.  The access road was designed to meet both Clark County Title 30 as well as AASHTO requirements. 

Moapa Industrial Park, North and South
Clark County, Nevada

RCI provided engineering and surveying services for this 186 acre industrial park site which is bisected by State Route (SR) 168 and existing Union Pacific Railroad (UPPR) tracks and is in close proximity to Interstate 15 via State Route 168.  Services provided for this project included aerial topography, a technical drainage study, full roadway improvement plans including both on and offsite water mains, and legal descriptions/exhibits.  An existing 12’x6’ RCB crossing at the railroad tracks did not have capacity to convey the 100-year storm event.  This condition caused storm flows to overtop the railroad tracks as well as drain parallel along the tracks to an undersized downstream culvert.  An interim berm and detention basin were designed to convey storm flows in their historical drainage pattern as well as allow the existing culvert crossing to function properly without overtopping the railroad tracks.  The improvement plans provided paved access to both the north and south portions of the industrial park, which were divided by SR 168.  On the south portion of the industrial park the existing Hidden Valley Road was realigned to maximize the usable area of the property.  The realignment of the roadway added one at-grade crossing of the railroad tracks but eliminated two existing at-grade crossings.  The majority of the surrounding parcels were public lands or railroad right-of-way.  RCI coordinated with BLM and UPPR for approval of offsite grading and roadway improvements.

Steel Inc. North Las Vegas Distribution Center ALTA Survey
North Las Vegas, Nevada

RCI performed an ALTA Survey for a 5.75 acre site generally located at Civic Center Drive and Branson Avenue. The boundary survey was performed in accordance with Chapters 278 and 625 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 625 of the Nevada Administrative Code and the 1973 Manual of Instructions for Survey of the Public Lands of the United States utilizing a Trimble 5800 GPS rover utilizing City of North Las Vegas base stations. The topographic survey was performed utilizing aerial photogrametry with the vertical control based off of available City of North Las Vegas benchmark data and NAVD88. The ALTA survey provided was in conformance with the “Minimum Standard Detail Requirements” for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys as adopted in 2005. Additionally, Table “A” options 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11(a), and 13 were provided for this survey.

Hardy Way
Mesquite, Nevada 

RCI performed as a sub-consultant to provided the technical drainage study to support the design of approximately 1 mile of roadway improvements that bisect the existing Pulsipher Detention Basin footprint.  The design consisted of interim and final roadway horizontal and vertical alignments and 2,500 lineal feet of storm drain.  Flood Control facilities included the design of 240 lineal feet of double 14-foot wide by 10-foot high Reinforced Concrete Boxes (RCB) located in a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) A zone to convey approximately 2,300 cfs within the Pulsipher Wash and 2260 lineal feet of 18-inch to 54-inch storm drain and appurtenances.  RCI was responsible for hydrological models, hydraulic analysis of the storm drain systems, a HECRAS model of the RCB roadway crossing including FEMA A Zone impacts, and a Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) analysis of roadway embankment impacts to the existing Pulsipher Detention Basin.   The PMF analysis of the roadway embankment included a Dam Break analysis prepared with National Weather Service (NWS) DAMBRK software to simulate a catastrophic failure of the embankment.  Additionally, the hydraulic analysis included a minor reconfiguration of the Pulsipher Detention Basin to account for the storage volume lost due to the addition of the roadway embankments.

Desert Canyon Open Space
Henderson, Nevada 

RCI provided engineering and surveying services for a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) for the Gibson Channel and the Desert Canyon Open Space Facilities.  The LOMR report was prepared based on Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) criteria for approximately 1.4 miles of flood control facilities.  An as-built survey of the constructed improvements for the channel and four associated bridge crossings from Gibson Road to Boulder Highway was completed for the LOMR submittal.  The LOMR report assessed the pre and post development hydrology and hydraulic conditions for the Gibson Channel Improvements and the Desert Canyon Open Space Improvements.  The LOMR report provided a detailed hydraulic analysis to evaluate the revised floodplain delineation of  existing A and X Zone based on the construction of flood control facilities.  The study area covered by this LOMR includes the Gibson Channel Improvements from Warm Springs Road to the Cornucopia Avenue alignment west of Middle Gate Road and the Desert Canyon Open Space Improvements from Middle Gate Road to just west of Boulder Highway.  Approximately 63 acres, including 40 residential lots that were mapped and ready for permit pending the LOMR approval, were removed from the Special Flood Hazard Area. 

Cox Communications
Las Vegas, Nevada

RCI provided right-of-way construction staking for various projects for this national digital services provider.  These projects consisted of the establishment of a horizontal along with a vertical control network.  Quick turnaround times are critical for this work since the project trenching sub-contractors to get on-site and construct the facilities. The most recent projects were a fiber optic line running along the Duck Creek Channel near Silverado Ranch and Las Vegas Boulevard as well as nearly one mile of fiber optic line along the south side of Blue Diamond Road between Rainbow Boulevard and Buffalo Drive. 





























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