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John Land, PE

Professional Highlights:


Cliffs Edge Pods 115, 116 and 117, Las Vegas, Nevada
Mr. Land was the project manager responsible for layout and final design for four product types within a 612-lot single family residential development.  Duties included the preparation of tentative maps, civil improvement plans, coordination of technical studies and final maps and coordination with the master developer providing water, sewer, and storm drain connections.  Due to the timing of water availability, the project was divided into eight phases to allow for construction of the model homes prior to the full water system being operational.

Terracina, Clark County, Nevada
Terracina is comprised of an 850-lot single family residential development.  As project designer, Mr. Land was responsible for the final layout and phasing of ten units and a water system analysis that included both existing and proposed water distribution facilities.  The project was situated between two water pressure zones with a portion of the project in the lower pressure zone being fed through a temporary pressure reducing valve (PRV) allowing the start of housing construction in the lower pressure zone while the permanent water facilities were being constructed.  The design required detailed water analysis to meet Las Vegas Valley Water District guidelines that restricted the amount of water available through the PRV as well as project phasing based on the maximum allowable flows through the PRV. Mr. Land’s duties included preparation of the tentative map, water system analysis, improvement plans and final map coordination.

Palomar - Summerlin Village 23A, Parcel E, Las Vegas, Nevada – 107 Lots
Los Lomas - Summerlin Village 23A, Parcel F, Las Vegas, Nevada – 87 Lots
Barcelona - Summerlin Village 23A, Parcel J, Las Vegas, Nevada – 86 Lots
Palmilla - Summerlin Village 20, Parcel WS-1, Las Vegas, Nevada – 81 Lots
Project designer responsible for preparation of the tentative maps and full design of the subdivision improvement plans for the master developer’s initial finished lot program.  Mr. Land’s duties included managing all aspects of the design which included initial layouts and grading concepts, roadway design, grading design, retaining wall design, utility plans and plan and profiles for sewer and storm drain.  Additionally, Mr. Land was responsible for the approvals of the technical studies, and coordination and approvals of the civil improvement plan sets through the Summerlin Design Review Committee, City of Las Vegas and The Las Vegas Valley Water District.  The Palomar single family residential development met and exceeded the developers’ expectations such that it led to the three additional projects. The Barcelona project was located within two separate water zones.  Mr. Land designed the layout such that the project could be phased with two sets of improvement plans and final maps.  The first phase of the project was approved prior to water availability in the second phase of the project which was a higher water pressure zone.

Berkshire - Boulder & Post, Clark County, Nevada
This project involved all the design needs for a 101-lot single family residential development.  Mr. Land was the project manager responsible for design of the storm drain facility connection to an existing facility located within Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) right of way along Boulder Highway.  Due to the large amount of existing utilities along Boulder Highway, a non-standard drainage solution was designed and approved by Clark County, City of Henderson and NDOT.

Summerlin Village 19, Enclave 2, Lot 3, Las Vegas, Nevada
Project manager responsible for the design of single family cluster product that included six homes per cluster with common usable open areas and private drive aisles for garage access.  The project included a total of 202 single family cluster lots that required detailed grading design and details to meet the developers’ criteria for driveway slopes, drop garages and densities.  This was the first use of this product type by the developer thereby requiring extensive coordination with the developer, architect and the adjacent property owners.

Westlake Courtyards - Andover, Clark County, Nevada
Project designer responsible for design of private driveways, lot grading and utility layout for this 101-lot single family cluster project.  Each cluster contained four home sites with three home sites sharing a common driveway and one home site having access from the main street.  Assisted in the design of a storm water collection facility and a 10’ x 8’ box culvert to convey storm water flows which exceeded 1,500 cfs during a 100 year storm event.

B.S. / 1999 / Civil Engineering / University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Professional Engineer, Civil / Nevada #016441

Professional Engineer, Civil / California #C65819

Professional Engineer, Civil / Arizona #45917

Mr. Land has over 14 years experience in Civil Engineering working primarily in land development on single family projects.  His responsibilities have included site layout, water system analysis, drainage studies, improvement plan preparation, and quantity estimates.  Mr. Land has also had experience with more complex cluster home products that have ranged from 4 to 6 homes per cluster with common spaces and shared drive isles.

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